Investor Advisor & Management Services

Chairman’s Message

Doing business in a formal manner, in any country, requires a systematic procedure in all stages - from planning to operation. It has been observed that most of the foreign companies have very limited and incomplete information about the rules and regulations related to business in Bangladesh. On many occasions, procedural matters of operating business are not clear to many foreign companies. Under these circumstances, it has been observed that setting up an organization for helping foreign investors is necessary. Moreover, after long experience of working as an investment promotion official both at home and abroad I liked to utilize the expertise through setting up an independent organization, catered to the needs of the investors.

It is expected that HAISON will help the companies, particularly the foreign companies to know the procedure of starting and doing business in Bangladesh and maintaining the legal formalities in a systematic way. The main objective of our company is to create a ‘Culture of Compliances’ and inform the real business environment to the investors to make the business hastlefree, smooth and comfortable. It is expected that the company will serve the investors at their desired level.


M. Jalalul Hai

Chairman & CEO